Possible names for an organization

1) FREAD: The Foundation to Reform English and Abolish Disabilities

It is not perfect as the word disabilities is too general, but it will be catchy as many parents with kids who are labeled "disabled" might be awoken to this insane charade. Again, it is my belief that the spelling system is so illogical as it is full of exceptions that a logical child will be confused by the lack of logic. A child who has or uses his or her photographic or visual memory will be okay, of course. Of course, there are a lot of people and companies making a lot of money from such an unnaturally and unnecessary ill-formed, ineffective, and inadequate system.

2) READING: Reforming English to abolish disabilities International Group (I tend to prefer this because a) it might help search engines (visibility of the movement) and b) it is on topic! The word "abolish" is a bit too strong for my liking, but, the other "a" word is abate, which does not do the intent justice. I would prefer "reduce", but that's an "r"!

3) READS: Reforming English to abolish disabilities society