Sunday, May 24, 2015


It is the best of languages; it is the worst of languages. Is English the Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde of all languages? Consider this! No other language holds the dubious distinction of being used by an estimated 1.8 billion speakers (about 1/3 of the world's population), of having official status in 53 countries, spread across six inhabited continents, and of being the language that has the WORST letter-to-sound and sound-to-letter ratios (phonemicity) of all Western languages. Using Masha Bell's research, it is logical to infer that half of the purported 1 million words that make up the English lexicon (or 500,000 words, but probably more) are misspelled in all English dictionaries, phonetically misspelled, that is), as the following table* highlights. (Original source)

Yes, "everyone" (the estimated 1.8 billion speakers that do) seems to manage to "speak" it, but how long does it take to learn to read (decode) and pronounce English words and learn how to write (spell)? How much money does it take to make it look like there is not a problem!  A LOT MORE! In the USA alone, there could be savings of up to $ 24 billions a year if the spelling system was regularized. (Read below for the math and the reasons.) Creating programs to transcode would be easy and effective. Another solution would be to enforce the teaching of Esperanto (or Ido) as a 2nd language in ALL countries in the world. Why are our leaders looking the other way? Aren't citizens aware that there is a problem? Is it because English is one of those rare languages that does NOT have a regulating body?  In any case, reforms must take place in schools first and must be phased in over 10 to 15 years. (All links open in a separate window!) In any case, there is something very rotten in the state ... of the English language! The data on the next page proves it. 

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